[Week 7] Blog Post 6 – Prototyping!!!

On the last lecture, we had a session of product conceptualizing. This session is split up into 3 different parts. Firstly, brainstorming then came the second part, which will be coming up with the scenario and storyboard, lastly, prototyping phase.


This part is actually the most challenging part of the session, as we have to brainstorm a new type of communication device within 10-15 minutes. We have several ideas such as using brain wave/ brain power to communicate with one and another, using a ipod/ipad similar device to help the mute and deaf in communicating with normal people who do not know sign language. We then started to rate and rank these ideas according to their feasibility and extension of use. In the end, we decided to go ahead with the idea of having a handheld device that will aid deaf/blind/mute in being understood by normal people that do not have knowledge of sign language. This device will works as a translator.

We are asked to combine with another group to form a bigger group.  With this formation of bigger group, we shared our ideas and concepts about out initial communication device. Thus, with the exchange of ideas, we decide that it will be more beneficial for the user if we combine both of our idea together.

Scenario and storyboard

Coming to the second part of the session. During brainstorming, we have already decided that our user will be people with communication difficulties. This helps us to focus on our scenario and storyboard, as we know who will be the casts. We come up with a storyboard whereby the user is trying to communicate with a passerby and the passerby does not possess the knowledge of hand language. The user will then take out his/her communication device to aid the passerby to better understanding of the user.


After the second part of scenario and storyboard, we have come to the last part of the session, which is prototyping. We use a masking tape and maybe 30 cm string to tie the handheld device to our neck. We decide to create a low-fidelity prototype as the material given to us is quite limited and time is a factor too.

What did you learn from the activity?

We have learned that coming together as a group and do product conceptualizing is very difficult as there are many different and conflicting ideas. We need contribution from everyone and we do not want to silent off someone, trying to obtain this balance is difficult.  We learned that we should always do the conceptualizing part by part so that the whole group can understand and give us time to fully digest it.

What was good and what can be improved?

The idea of having class participation is good and is certainly entertaining and allows us to have fruitful insight of doing product conceptualizing. I believe that time management and coordination of team could be further improve.

Our group use masking tape and string for our prototyping. I believe that this prototype is sufficient in bringing across the idea that we want to have a hand held device and how and when we will be using it but nevertheless this prototype lack the detail of how a handheld device would be, for example where the button should be placed and e.g.

I would like to show this video to show what are other interesting way to prototyping..



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